I am not usually disturbed by life and it’s variations. Weather doesn’t concern me much when I can put a coat on or change my shoes. The dearth of entertainment on television is easily avoided by turning on the radio or watching something more informative or amusing on youtube. In the depth of winter when the trees are nude I can simply sit in the studio and paint. Even the boring brick housing and weird appliances can be tolerated. But damn me the education system and the politics are intolerable in the 21st century.

Children here are subjected to what are known as the SAT tests at the ages of seven and eleven. Tests that were tossed out in New Zealand in the 1930s because they are inappropriate for children still developing both physically and mentally. (I don’t like uniforms either but that’s another argument) It may not be the only cause but there is then a fear of testing in many children, and it continues through adolescence disrupting learning and limiting social interaction.